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In India, she has investigated a broad range of issues from police reform to discrimination against marginalized groups, and has researched abuses surrounding the sectarian riots in Gujarat, the lack of justice in Punjab, issues of religious freedom, the failure to protect India's vulnerable communities--including those affected by the Maoist conflict, and abuses related to the fighting in the states of Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir.She has also advocated for the protection of women and children from violence, including sexual abuse.Especially when the conversation is modeled and provided by peers, putting all topics on the table encourages students to practice open, honest conversation.

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Although shopping for dildos or birth control might seem trivial to the point of irrelevance when compared to sexual assault statistics, they actually count for something.

How can a college community address forced intercourse when it can’t even stress the importance of something as simple as consensual intercourse?

Before getting into the future of SHRCs, let’s look at the basics.

Research supports the idea that successful campus centers engage their audience by being real.

With the end of Sri Lanka's conflict, she advocated that human rights abusers in the Sri Lankan military, as well as in the Tamil Tigers' forces, be held accountable.