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Sometimes, it’s playing it by ear, depending on what’s going on. It’s like "OK, well, we’re not going to do what we originally planned to do because we just got invited to a memorial benefit." For the most part, though, we know what we’re walking into. I think we should put that in there and take this scene out." You want it to be the best it can be.

You only have 20 minutes to squeeze in what took two weeks to film.

, Kellie Pickler penned the heartfelt and vital "Selma Drye," a spirited tribute to her great grandmother who "kept a 38 special and a can of snuff in the pocket of her apron in case something came up." The honky-tonk tune reflects a simpler, unfussy way of American life, detached from commercialization and high-spending--drawing from the blue-collar heartland and the struggle of stretching a paycheck.

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Check out our exclusive Q&A session below: What did your great grandmother Selma Drye teach you about life and keeping a home? She lived alone, because my great grandpa had passed long before I was born. Her opening that door and always welcoming me into her home and loving me was incredible. She was frugal, nothing fancy, as she would say "nothing highfalutin." I get a little bit of that in me, too. [laughs] For someone who wants to take their Christmas decorating to the next level this year, what pieces would you suggest from this collection? We are going to keep that a tradition each Christmas. Everything is very multi-purpose, and each season, we try to bring pieces into the line that you can just add to what you already have. When I saw that, I went "we have to get that." My grandma had one of those in her house and so did my grandma, Faye. We generally clock out and do our USO Tour and celebrate our anniversary. If I were to say "oh I’ll do this on January 1st," and then January 1st rolls around, it’s like "maybe I’ll do this next year." If it’s something you clearly need to address, address it immediately. I didn’t realize when we started working on it how many months it takes to shoot everything.

That way, it doesn’t feel like "I just bought this, but the new stuff doesn’t really match." It’s all eclectic and pretty diverse. I thought "wow, that’s so sweet." It took me back to a sweet place in my childhood. We did the Christmas line in the summer, and now, this winter, we have to start doing the spring. It’s the middle of July and you’re recording a Christmas song. What are your fondest childhood, Christmas memories? You don’t make an appointment to address it, "I’ll work it into my schedule when it’s convenient for me." You might not make it to the new year. Like "I’m going to start working out on January 1st, because I have high blood pressure and I’m unhealthy." Well, you better hope you make it the new year. Touring and other projects (that are in early development), on the side, have taken me out of the studio for awhile.

"I just love 'White Christmas.' It is such a classic.

It really married with the theme of the Selma Drye Christmas line this year.

It all marries well together, which is something my granny would have done. The silver pitchers (with the basin) look really cool, very rustic and elegant. Do you know what Christmas song you want to record for next year's snow globe? It’s like 100 degrees in Nashville, and I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. [laughs] Have you and Kyle started your own traditions? I definitely miss my grandmother, just being with her and playing with my cousins. There are different things you look forward to--Santa Claus and the tree and all that. I’m looking forward to writing again, and if [the show] gets picked up for season three, I would like to get into the studio before we start shooting. I felt very comfortable with Ryan because of our "Idol" history together.