Who is dre from cool and dre dating

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Oh really Eben Gregory.sounds like someone's a little hot under the platinum ice chain they like to sport huh man? The Jewelry Man is informed that Dre addresses all the drama in a verse on his remix to new song "Chevy Ridin' High" that features The Game, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Pusha T from the Clipse, Rick Ross and Dirtbag.

Here's Dre to MTV about what's really going on with him, Def Jam and Christina Milian: The New York Post wants to print lies about Christina Milian getting dropped from a record company and I had something to do with it. In a few days, there's gonna be a press release that's gonna shock everyone. They called me up like, 'Dre, we have nothing to do with it.' They didn't want it to mess up our relationship.

The Jewelry Man.telling you that nobody believes a rumor in the entertainment biz until it's officially denied.

In "Beware: some liars tell the truth" news, the big homey Dre of the production team Cool & Dre has broken his silence about the rumors surrounding his relationship with Christina Milian, and reports that it damaged her dealings with Def Jam so much that they dropped her from the label.

Dre was still early enough into his rapping career that he was still going by the street name of Hood Surgeon. Sadly, their son Andre Young Jr died in 2008 of an overdose of heroin and morphine at the age of 20.