saved woman dating unsaved man - Who is craig parker dating

Which brings us to the conclusion that he will be duking it out with Mary aka Adelaide Kane a lot on the upcoming season.

Well, we decided that even though he plays a villain on the show, we'd sit down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Craig , to get some deets on everything about his character…

Parker avoided any fines, although he apparently had already paid to fix the shed window he was accused of breaking on the as saying: "[I'm] not sorry. I've never had a criminal record, no drink driving. I did what I felt was right."It was somebody abusing their job. That's it."Parker was also quoted as saying: "It was a joke really.

He had a father who was a monster, and taught him how to behave.

Narcisse has passed it on to his dear son Edward.' GREAT!

He's one of those awful Republican monsters who lobby the governments, and tell senators what to do.

He does terrible things, and people suffer for his decisions, but he believes this is the only way the system works and it's his duty to maintain that system.

In a selfie posted to the site, Craig gives the world an up close (and free of prosthetics) view of what we've all seen a glimpse of on the Starz show. You cant believe everything you read on the internet.