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" he said last week, speaking to reporters after a brief court hearing.

"No behavior in 38 years ever led anyone to believe that." People connected to the case have labeled Sera an extraordinarily smooth operator, a pathological liar and "pure evil." "He lied to just about everybody, and he fooled just about everybody," said Jack Pate, Sera's attorney.

She took a drug test showing she had ingested Rohypnol -- evidence that's missing in the other rape cases. guilty, and he's not," said Mark Rosenfield, one of Sera's attorneys, who insists the damning tape can't be used under court rules because no one can guarantee its authenticity. Then he took their daughter Chandler, 4, from her bed and left, saying Sera would never see the girl again.

In lawsuits, the Missouri woman seeks more than $5 million, and Deal, who thinks she was drugged and raped three times, requests at least $6 million. "Let me up." Her voice rises as the sex acts continue. Sera called repeatedly, Sera said, threatening to leave the country.

The former Irving resident is accused of drugging four victims in three states last fall with a powerful illegal sedative and videotaping three methodical rapes.

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