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It is doubtful that the Spice Girls provided feminist epiphanies, but I can’t categorically say they didn’t.

If their feminist struggle was to make as much money as boy bands, I can sympathize.

The chefs also mix it up by utilizing western preparation techniques and supporting local New York area farmers whenever possible throughout the process. In addition to providing a variety of services to other brands, these select management and consulting ventures allow the highly skilled executive team to explore personal interests and hand-selected passion projects.

The resulting distinctive style has garnered attention from the likes of Frank Bruni, who acknowledged, “No one is doing this kind of cooking anywhere,” in just one of several glowing reviews. Beyond restaurants, the Fatty Crew has capitalized on its notoriety – and vast, worldwide fan base – by creating a signature barbecue sauce collection that is sold at exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.

What becomes of the trained writer who is forced to work for companies or publications that rarely focus on feminist issues?