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More insidiously, dancers’ endless competition for tips undermines the worker solidarity necessary for any sort of workplace organizing.

But while independent contractor status has delivered a major setback to the strippers’ rights movement, dancers have not given up – they have merely shifted the battle site to courts.

Clubs across the state then began voluntarily switching over to classifying strippers as employees in an attempt to limit potential damages. [o]r I might take a break to go on a road trip with another dancer, reaping the benefit of being ‘new girls’ at a distant club.” But as an employee, she writes, she has lost this freedom in exchange for the security of being a “wage slave.” Pussy Per Se has a point, but she’s missing part of the picture.

But not all Massachusetts dancers are happy with the change. The last time I worked in a Manhattan club, I was not the only one regularly going home in debt; I was not even in the minority.

Writing in The Daily Caller, Pussy Per Se, a stripper who has danced in clubs across New England, says: “I was an independent contractor, working at half a dozen clubs, making good money. Friends working in clubs across the city report similar stories of building up debt to the point that, when they finally have a good night, they end up paying most of it back to the club in the form of back-house fees.