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To start recording, select Macro from the Tools menu, and the choose Record new macro... Enter a name for your macro (don't be lazy - it will make things much easier later on if you give your macro a proper name) and click OK.

A stop button will probably appear, and Excel starts recording your steps.

We need some raw data and we will utilize Customer Service Dashboard sample database here. First we will design the structure of what all option we want to present for filtering the data, which you can see in the interface below.

Once the user clicks on Show Data we will use a SQL statement to filter-out the data as per the drop down options selected by the user and the put them in the table below.

When you click on the Update Drop Downs button, the VBA code uses the “Data” worksheet as a table and then finds unique values for Products, Region and Customer Types and then populates them as List Items for the Combo Box controls.