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Case 10 establishes that accelerated aging can also be applied to non-ball-point inks.

The data presented was verified by comparing the results obtained by accelerated aging with the results obtained from known dated writings, by the identification of dating tags in the inks, and/or by verification by a second examiner.

Moreover, it is possible to analyze the dye from a stroke directly from the paper (LDI-MS), so the sample preparation is minimized.

The degradation of the dyes methyl violet and ethyl violet in strokes from a ballpoint pen was studied under laboratory conditions influenced by different factors such as light, wavelength of light, heat, and humidity.

Brunelle (7,8) and Aginaky (9) have since responded on the use of accelerated aging of ink to estimate the age of inks on questioned documents and both have used their technique on actual cases. Brunelle measures the extraction of ink dye components into solvents.