Updating ssl cert

(Setting the locked file back to the old keystore works fine, and restarting the service works find though.) The event viewer shows this verbose error: Could not create the Server MBean com.ice.server. MBean Exception: Exception thrown in operation start Server at jmx.mbeanserver.

Standard Meta Data Impl.invoke(Standard Meta Data Impl.java:435) at jmx.mbeanserver.

Meta Data Impl.invoke(Meta Data Impl.java:220) at jmx.interceptor.

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If you are installing any other certificate, follow the instructions below.

Good afternoon all, I'm attempting to update the SSL cert on our security server, but I'm running into some troubles.

Web browser clients can be expected to reconnect automatically on the next HTTP GET or POST performed by the web browser.

Net Scaler Gateway SSL VPN clients reconnect automatically.

ICA connection clients can only reconnect if Session Reliability is enabled in the Web Interface site configuration or Cloud Gateway configuration.