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When a media universally misses the point, it's on purpose. Rue is a little girl in The Hunger Games, and in the movie she's played by a black girl. I once asked a black guy where I could find some racists and he punched me in the mouth, turns out I'm a racist. Actually, I did, because every time I see a black guy do anything odd I say to myself for no reason at all, "oh, hell no, oh no you didn't." This is going on in my head, silently, no audience. And god forbid it's a black woman, my neck and skull actually start moving from side to side as I think, "mmmm hhhmmmmm! You don't even want to know whose thoughts I think when I see boobs. The traditional progressive complaint about fairy tales like Cinderella is that they supposedly teach girls to want to be princesses and want to live happily ever after. The real problem with fairy tales is that the protagonist never actually does anything to become a princess.

According to Jezebel, Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Disappointed. There's an underlying rage, coming out as overt prejudice and plain old racism. Of course, if this racism was attached to a Transformers movie you can be sure that Jezebel would pronounce all of the Transformers audience racist. the racism for Jezebel is merely an opportunity to criticize the bridge trolls who live in Central Time, just in time for the elections. Forget about gerrymandering or slaying a dragon or poisoning her rivals: does she even get a pretty dress, go to the ball and seduce the prince?

That's the system, it wants you to participate in your own marginalization so you don't dare unplug. You wouldn't allow yourself to like a story where the woman lacks agency, so it's clothed in a vampire story or a female Running Man so it sounds like she's making things happen.

Or, if you prefer, in order to allow you to like an anti-feminist story, it is necessary to brand it as a vampire story or a female Running Man.

But the Games allowed two winners only because they appeared to be in love; so all she has to do, for the cameras, is pretend to be in love with a boy she already likes a lot.