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Pakistan celebrated its national day last Wednesday with a full military parade in Islamabad, for the second consecutive year.

The event used to be a routine matter until the Taliban's Pakistani offshoot launched a bloody insurgency that has killed more than 70,000 people since 2007.

ZAHID RANDHAWA At the turn of the twentieth century, the population of the town was 2,787 with a density of 82 persons per square mile, however the district, as a whole, saw significant growth in the rise of population from 27,866 (1891) to 37,273 (1901).

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Indeed, a brave Pakistan state would have swept aside the false narratives that have long corrupted national politics and returned to the high moral ground upon which Mohammed Ali Jinnah founded the country in 1947.

Unfortunately, if predictably, the Pakistani state is held hostage by its inability to admit its fallibility, as demonstrated by the blame-shifting exercise that persists, to this day, on all matters of national importance, including security.

After Sunday's horrific attack in Lahore, Pakistan's raucous broadcast and social media were ablaze with accusations that it was the fault of the "civilian institutions", or caused by the diversion of police resources to protect visiting opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto, or retaliation for the recent arrest of an alleged Indian spy.

That mindset, more than any terrorist faction or foreign covert threat, is Pakistan's biggest problem, because it is easily exploitable.

Attacks on soft targets such as the amusement park in Lahore undermine public trust in the state, thereby preventing a singular rejection of the terrorists and their pseudo-Islamist ideology.