daniel radcliffe dating laura o39toole - Suggested terminology for quaternary dating methods

Archaeologists generally study the physical and material remains of ancient societies, while cultural anthropologists study living cultures.

Physical anthropologists study human skeletons and other bodily remains.

Alloys are often stronger and more durable than pure metals.

Aerial Reconnaissance - The technique of searching for sites and features, both cultural and natural, from the air, often using aerial photography or the human eye.

This is a good way to search for patterns or changes in soil color or plant density (possible indicators of buried features) that may not be visible to a person walking on the ground.

This tool-making technology was a more complex way of making stone tools than the earlier Oldowan technology.

More flakes were knocked off from both sides of a stone and there is evidence that the maker had a preconceived notion of the tool's final form.

Today alidades are being replaced by Total Stations.