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[] using the “beta.inv” function provided in Microsoft Excel™ to calculate the 95 % inferior and superior credible intervals for the data.

Comparison of the currently reported East Sepik medical plants to the Traditional Medicines Plant Database maintained at UPNG was carried out similarly.

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Furthermore, comparisons of medicinal plant utilization is possible if databases are reformatted for consistencies that allow comparisons.

A concerted effort in building easily comparable databases could dramatically facilitate ethnopharmacological analysis of the existing plant diversity.].

These references were used to determine if plants collected in the current East Sepik survey work have been previously reported for medicinal use.

Comparison of this East Sepik medicinal plant report to our previous reports from Bougainville [] was accomplished after editing the previous two reports to match the current format, including codes for conditions treated.

The specific village communities interviewed included: Bangus and Mariawai villages (DK), Niungweko and Mul (Kunjingini 1) villages (BK); Marambanja, Saina, Ambukanja, Parina, Jawia, Mandien, Bukiendoun, Sausenduon, Hangrerak and Kiarivu villages (GW) and Rumlal, Shagur and Bou villages (MS).