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Traditionally during recreation the Sinhalese wear a sarong (sarama in Sinhala).

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Parakramabahu VI in the 15th century was the only Sinhalese king during this time who could bring back the unity of the whole island.

Trade also increased during this period, as Sri Lanka began to trade Cinnamon and a large number of Muslim traders were bought into the island.

King Vijaya, lineage of Sinhabahu, according to the Mahavamsa and other historical sources, arrived to the island of Tambapanni (Sri Lanka), and gave origin to the lion people, Sinhalese.

The story of the arrival of Prince Vijaya to Sri Lanka, and the origin of the Sinhalese people is also depicted in the Ajanta caves, in a mural of cave number 17.

1 A section of the mural at Ajanta in Cave No 17,depicts the 'coming of Sinhala'.