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Meridian Team Midwives are based in the Maternity Unit.

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Craig Mc Kinlay, of Halifax, said: ‘Seaside towns have a distinct attraction, offering that all important sea view …

There is a romance associated with living by the sea and this is evident in the high house prices.’While a hike in house prices may is good for the small economies of thriving seaside towns, local people say they are at risk of being pushed out by wealthier buyers looking for second or third homes.

If you have any questions, please ask at the maternity unit antenatal clinic or speak to your midwife.

NCT Antenatal course bookings: Sarah on 08 or [email protected]

They are also available should your midwives not be or if you live in Kingsbridge, Ivybridge or Salcombe. We hope that these videos will help you whilst you are pregnant.