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In early 2015, the Liquid Diamond Hypervenom was released.It was made to help Neymar "stand out" in a match, to describe Neymar's energetic style of playing and the feelings that Neymar had to his sister was "rare, like diamonds" as stated in a Nike commercial.

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This was the last edition of the Hypervenom Phantom I.

Two years after the Hypervenom Phantom I was released, the new Hypervenom Phantom II and Hypervenom Phinish was released.

The Hypervenom Phantom features a Nike Skin upper, combining mesh webbing and thin layers of polyurethane to create a material that is soft and flexible, All-Conditions Control (ACC) for the same control for any condition, whether wet or dry.

The upper of the Hypervenoms is honeycomed-like in design.

This decision was met with mixed feelings, in which some say it is a good decision to replace the older line, and the others saying it was not a beneficial idea, as there were not many 'power' boots on the market.