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Also avoid adding your code to the question as an image.

It makes it very hard for people to recreate your problem.

If not may be you are not casting the page object to the actual type of object, so the intelisense is not detecting the method while you have Option Strict On.

EDIT: A colleague, who knows more about this system than I do, pointed out that the method I'm trying to access is not in the Parent Page.aspx, as I'd mentioned earlier, but is actually an instance method stored within a separate VB file (it is, however, accessible via Inherit from Parent -- apologies for the confusion in my original question). Well, first of all, make sure you the sub in the parent page is actually protected, using Object Browser (in the settings dropdown icon, click on Show Protected and make sure the function is protected).

There are a few cases where you preserve variables for longer, but they're a little more advanced.

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