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This new-for-2017 event "is a weekend gathering that celebrates polyamory and non-monogamous ethics.

It will take place June 16 to 18 in Ribera de Cardós, a beautiful village at the foot of the Catalan Pyrenees, in a quiet, comfortable and beautiful place that we reserve exclusively for us.

We invite top-notch presenters, and live, work, learn and play together for up to 5 days or more.” Here is Rebecca Hiles's account of attending the 2015 Spring Poly Fever.2017 will be Open Con Catalonia's sixth year. "An opportunity to get together in a friendly environment and share our experiences, our questions, the lessons we’ve learned, and the joys we’ve experienced in this new territory of polyamory/non-monogamy/open relationships.

The basic plan is to combine workshops with plenty of opportunities for relaxing and socialising.

Check the what will happen page for details on the programme as it develops." Capacity has been increased to 60 people for 2017; every previous year it sold out in advance at capacity 40. A super-friendly weekend hotel conference of talks and discussions on poly relationships and making them work and whatever other topics people propose; comedy, dance, and games; community building and socializing. Kid-friendly; families encouraged: a "Kids Con" track runs all weekend (parents are required to volunteer at least an hour per day per kid they bring).

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