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Unlike men, women with outdoorsy photos receive a 40 percent decrease in messages. This handy infographic from Zoosk (below) has a few more helpful hints to make your profile top-notch.

If there's a full-body shot somewhere in your online gallery, you'll get 203 percent more messages. Probably because as wonderful as it is that you have friends, it's annoying to decipher which of the six people you are. As difficult as it may be, leave your beloved kitten out of the picture. Online daters who pose with their pet in their primary photo receive 53 percent fewer messages.

Follow our lead and you’ll have ‘em falling hook, line, and sinker.

While we ladies go weak in the knees over an adorable pixie cut or a voluptuous topknot, it’s a sad fact of life that men prefer women with long hair (it probably has something to do with cascading locks signifying fertility, blah blah blah, sexual Darwinism).

The free online dating service Ok analyzed over 7,000 photographs from users on its site to better understand what kinds of profile pictures are most effective for men and women.