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If this is what is happening to listed building, what can you expect for buildings in the next heritage category down, so called “environmental objects of value”?

These are mostly19th century two-storey merchant and bourgeois houses, either stone-built or with a stone first floor and wooden second floor, with decorative wrought iron fences, fretwork window frames and roof ridges, ornamental brickwork and old doors with carved bosses.

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That at least was presumably the pretext for removing legal protection from the house of Yevgeny Puzyrev, leader of the Perm League of the Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class at the end of the 19th century, and its subsequent immediate demolition.

The Soviet Union has collapsed, so that must mean communism is irrelevant to us now, right?

Some businessmen, it must be said, behave in an almost civilised manner.

It is not essential to destroy a building without warning, under cover of darkness, as they did with the house of the eminent mining specialist Pyotr Yarutin in Yekaterinburg in April.

And when we come to talk about how the city should protect its historical heritage, to embody the sense of continuity of human habitation throughout the generations, my spirits, and those of my students, sink completely.