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It was excluded from the 1912 Games held in Stockholm, Sweden, because Swedish law banned this sport. For the first time in 2012, women participated in the sport.

Light Fly, Fly, Bantam, Light, Light Welter, Welter, Middle, Light Heavy, Heavy and Super Heavy are included in the men's boxing events while women's events include Fly, Light and Middle. It is classified into two disciplines, flatwater and slalom.

Women have been participating in the sport since 1984.

The first tournament was held outdoors on a court made of sand.

Men's basketball appeared in 1936, while women's event was introduced much later, which was in 1976.

Included in the Summer Olympics since 1984, synchronized swimming is contested as a duet and team event. It is among the two sports only contested by women.

As the name suggests, this sport needs great coordination skills.

Cycling is a part of the Summer Olympic games since 1896. Road cycling was not a part of the 1900, 19 Olympic Games.