Muslim dating an atheist

“It has caused friction at times,” says one, “but it has also ultimately brought us closer together.”“I have had to lose so many assumptions about atheists, and in some cases, about Christians as well,” says Alise, an Independent Protestant…

In fact, I feel we both have strengthened the other in their views.

At least he has for me by questioning why I think what I think.

But if the rest are any indication, including many of my survey respondents, they might be missing out on a good thing.

One respondent after another described having deeper conversations with their partners and learning more about each other in the process than they ever did in their shared-belief relationships.

And through it all we have realized that our relationship is built on a strong foundation. It’s trust, respect, communication, cooperation, and friendship.”If you share a belief system with someone, it’s easy to leave many of your beliefs unexamined.