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The Automatic Updater ensures that you always have the latest features and bugfixes for your own Cloud synchronization client.The Automatic Updater updates only on Mac OS X and Windows computers; Linux users only need to use their normal package managers.

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It is highly recommended to keep your client updated. If an update is available, and has been successfully downloaded, the own Cloud client starts a silent update prior to its next launch and then restarts itself.

Should the silent update fail, the client offers a manual download.

However, on Linux systems the Updater will check for updates and notify you when a new version is available.

Note Because of various technical issues, desktop sync clients older than 1.7 will not be allowed to connect and sync with the own Cloud 8.1 server.

To prevent automatic updates, but allow manual overrides: Because the Linux client does not provide automatic updating functionality, there is no need to remove the automatic-update check.