dating advice 101 - Liquidating mutual fund

The price used to calculate MKT is determined by using the midpoint between the highest bid and the lowest offer on the primary stock exchange on which the shares of the Fund are listed for trading when the Fund's NAV is calculated at market close.MKT and NAV assume dividends and capital gain distributions have been reinvested in the Fund at market price and NAV, respectively. Mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds are subject to market risk and volatility. For more information about the risks associated with each fund, go to its detailed fund information page or read the prospectus.Current performance and expense ratios may be lower or higher than the data quoted.

Liquidating mutual fund who is claudia bassols dating

But the key here is since we cannot predict the markets, no investment is going to be "safer".

You want the 18k to be there when you need it for the down payment.

What I would recommend is liquidate now, since it is a stock fund and stocks have performed very well this year, no need to be greedy and hope that they do as well in 2014.

Since it is not an enormous amount of money, put it in an interest yielding savings account which unfortunately are all sub 1%.

It may not be the latest junk bond-heavy mutual fund, but moments ago another iconic name in the asset management arena, Andy Redleaf's Whitebox Advisors threw in the towel on rigged markets and announced that it, too, has closed its mutual funds ahead of a January 19, 2016 liquidation. Or maybe the new overlords come intead with a light saber. If I had been the founder of Whitebox and had made a shit ton of money for my clients, this is the exact time I would get them all out of the market.