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Tell me where in Bangalore I can get high quality videos... Thanks & regards Kannadiga Hello friends, I am proud to be a Kannadiga. he is most successful actor and been in industry for more than 2 decades .in a while film like OM is ok ..again and again macchu..... Madesha is filled with gory violence .kind of entertainment is this..will influence people to get in to bloodshed for petty matters ..most of us have noticed ..eno oditheeyeno baaro ..etc ..

Atleast as I know ...films have major impact on Indian audience .censor board and film personalities including producer/directors/actors should also have social objective of a film along with commercial interests, that does not mean shivraj alone is bad ..collective responsibility including shivraj Hi, i so much agree with you, i have been away from Bangalore for 12 years and kannada movies, recently we put up internet at home only to watch kannada movies, as usual very eager about shivanna and puneeth check their movies and most of the movies are utterly filled with violence, i cudnt imagine my kannadigas can think so wild and violent, zapped to watch, madesha, nanda, vamshi, satya in love, deadly soma, duniya, nalla, oh my god wats happening to our soft hearted loving and caring kannadigas, i dont understand why they make such movies, anyways the world is filled with violence and hatred on top of this why adding fuel to the fire, besides tv channels have also started encouraging this by hosting shows of crime and depicting the scence and teaching the society how to kill people, my humble request to the movie makers andthe actors please look back at our old movies, and bring good things into the society, as most viewers are in teens who do not think practically and get fascinated to this, i have hardly seen gud movies these days like moggina manasu which is so much convincing to the teens and mussanje mathu, some fun filled movies like galipata.

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I registered with them last night and it's nice to see they had a good start.

I want to download Aakash, but i dont understand Kannada,so i need subtitles with it.