Jsp code for validating username and password

In servlet I am doing the comparison with database but I don't have any idea how to connect the j Query to the servlet.

jsp code for validating username and password-51jsp code for validating username and password-79

Contains the html login form written within the jsp tags.

A check condition is done on the session attribute "username" to check you if you are already logged in.

Http Session; /** * Servlet implementation class Search Servlet */ public class Search Servlet extends Http Servlet The first thing that you are doing wrong is putting Java code in a JSP. In that servlet, a new error page will be displayed if the username or password are wrong.

Using them to process the submission is an egregious abuse of the technology. I created HTML page and servlet for login page and to display the user details.

Right now I am showing a message from the validation servlet if the username and passwords are invalid.