Is chelsea handler still dating andre balazs

That's fine - don't attach it to shame." Her upbringing in New Jersey was pretty real from the start. I used to have my friends' parents drop me off three doors down," she says.

The youngest of six children, Chelsea's German-born mother, Rita — who died of breast cancer in 2006 — was a Mormon, while her Jewish father, Seymour, was a used-car salesman. Where, I ask, did she get her incredible work ethic?

After the dramatic news of the Brangelina divorce broke last month, Chelsea called Angelina Jolie a 'fing lunatic' on air and wondered, wryly, why Brad Pitt - her best friend's ex-husband - 'would need to self-medicate'.

A vehement Clinton supporter, she tells her assembled audience for today's show that she 'identifies with Hillary's struggles'.

"Do you know how many Jimmys and Jameses I had to elbow my way through to get my own talk show?

"I grew up with my two inadequate parents constantly dodging phone calls from debt collectors," she says.

"I didn't want, as an adult, to ever have my telephone shut off. Materialistic as it may sound, I wanted a house where I could have beautiful parties and beautiful catering and cleaning ladies and a driver." She now owns a mansion in Bel-Air, and a holiday home in Spain.

"I don't have any boundaries," she says, matter-of-factly.