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I can’t tell you the questions (or the answers), but it’s harder to come up with a reply that lights up the board than you might think.There was lots of clapping and high fives among my new “family” members, and shouted-out suggestions from the audience.It’s a cautionary tale illustrating the potential costs to all parties, and to the public, when a straightforward dispute is pursued beyond all logical boundaries.

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This worked because Ching’s grandmother also owned the house next door fronting on Wilder Avenue, immediately below the other two lots.

For years, she parked her car next to the Wilder house, and walked the short distance up to her other house, according to documents filed in the case.

A Circuit Court jury in Honolulu last week awarded more than $600,000 in damages to a Honolulu woman, culminating a decade-long legal dispute between neighbors over a shared driveway that gave rise to rival allegations of harassment, attempted intimidation, trespassing, invasion of privacy, character assassination and more.

Following a three-week trial, the jury found former Miss Hawaii Denby Dung, her sister, Darah, a former Miss Chinatown USA, along with their brother, mother, and uncle, liable for damages to their neighbor, Donna Lee Ching.

The Easement To understand the roots of this dispute, you have to go back to 1944.