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Patterns of unassertive and passive behavior may have been learnt in childhood as a coping strategy possibly as a response to parents who may have been too controlling or not allowing their child to express their thoughts and feelings freely.

To cope, a child might adopt a passive-aggressive behavior pattern.??

Harassment, intimidation, or bullying means any gesture, written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, that takes place on school property and at any school-sponsored function and that: Electronic communication means communication transmitted by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, cellular phone, or computer.

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Harassment, intimidation, or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a pupil’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its pupils in a safe and disciplined environment.

Since pupils learn by example, school administrators, faculty, staff and volunteers should be commended for demonstrating appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

An example of a child rebelling might be around toilet training, withdrawing from family conversation, choosing subjects at school to please parents and then not working hard, around eating and mealtimes - all causing worry and upset to the parents who may have no idea their behaviour is a contributory cause to the problem.