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In response to the missives, I finally asked if he liked my book, if maybe he could say something to his 1.7 million Twitter followers? He kept passing me notes for the next few weeks, but the next date never materialized.Jess starts cracking up when she looks at herself in the mirror.

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Hinata Hyuga is your average higschool senior whose biggest problem is figuring out what college to choose.

What will happen when their two worlds collide Hinata's father Hiashi was reading the paper trying to relax before he had to start his morning routine when Hinata ran into the dining room grabbing an apple out of the bowl before kissing her father on the cheek. "Hiashi quickly put down his paper, "Where are you going so fast young lady?

Jessica’s watch goes off at 10am, she gets up and walks over to Heather and I, who were sprawled out on the floor in her sleeping bag, to wake us up.

Heather grew a mischievous smile on her face, “I know how we could wake her up! Then Heather takes the bucket and dumps it over my head, causing me to squeal.

"Hinata was fidgety as she stood in front of her father looking back and forth from him to the clock, "I'm sorry father but I'm late to meet the girls we have a project to start.""A school project right?

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