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Evelyn, 8, is approximately 45 pounds of eyes, knees, pink plastic jewelry, and dimples.Thomas, who's 9, has such winning movie star looks, I call him Keanu Jr.

After working in epidemiology at the California Department of Public Health and earning a master's degree from UC Berkeley, Erin, continuing her trend toward excellence in all things, married Tim, a handsome attorney.

They then had a boy and a girl, and bought a two-story house surrounded by trees in a cul-de-sac in suburban Philadelphia, which looks so adorable with its warm yellow lights that when we all pulled into the driveway the first time, I cracked, "Dude, who's your architect? " I love Erin's kids, and am frequently rewarded with unidentifiable ceramic creations and fabulous felt-pen portraits.

) to loving and admiring what can't be "fixed," they're in it together.

I have loved my friend Erin Lopes since seventh grade, despite the fact that she's incredibly smart, hilarious, and looks like Natalie Wood.

"Like when your 9-year-old won't get out of the moonbounce at the street fair and you have to climb in after him, pull him out, and watch him tantrum—all the while trying to figure out how to remain calm, secretly wanting to be swallowed up by the asphalt.