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These simple tips and ideas go a long way in deciding whom to judge and whom not to before you start dating the person on a more personal level on Facebook.

We offer Online Dating Etiquettes, or ODEs, intended to help you improve your game. A wonderful game that can result in True Love or Really Fun Times.) Many missteps in online dating are avoidable.

We are two girls (women — we like the friendly feel of “girls”) who want to change the world of online (and off-line) dating to make it a better place for everyone. ) the decided to send you to us, so that we could explain what went wrong and how you can better your chances of a positive response next time.

*sad trombone music* Rather than simply deleting your online dating message (which they could have done! But don’t waste your vitriol on the person who sent you this link – send it to us instead.

Tip no 2: Common interests and mutual friends If an unknown guy has send you a friendship request and you are not in a position to decide whether to accept him as a friend or not, this is what you need to do.