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Complete with a red stapler only to be used for those TPS Reports, a Jump To Conclusions Mat, and one piece of flair to show just how much Mondays are appreciated, this quirky yet fun gift is unusual, inexpensive, and a great conversation piece -- because everyone at their office will be asking, "Who gave that to you?!

" and they'll be able to reply, proudly, "My boyfriend/girlfriend." More ┬╗ Started from seed, this unusual cheap gift may prove to be more interesting than many a video game.

Handbag, dresser valet, perfume, cologne, or a fragrance gift set that suits their taste is also a good choice (Tip for the men: avoid experimenting when giving fragrances, stick to what she likes).

Experience gift, amusement park tickets, or something fun to go do.

Instead of a bottle of wine, why not give your special someone tea instead?