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I just look at it as an opportunity to meet new people, practice my conversational skills and possibly make a new friend.

First time speed dating - and I have to say that the event itself was slickly organised and designed to make sure that it is a fun evening out; the fact that I got matched with someone I had my eye on helped of course!

Sure - it's possible that none of the women would end up being The One; but that's not the point.

The thing I like about speed dating is that it takes the stress out of meeting girls. And you've got four minutes to convince her to talk to you again. Even if you don't meet anyone you're interested in, it's great practice for your conversational skills.

When you walk up to a girl you don't have to wonder if she's single or not; if she wants to talk to you or not. Imagine going out to a bar or club and meeting 15 women in one night and having their undivided attention for at least 4 minutes. Four minutes doesn't sound like much time, but it's enough to see if there is a spark. I've gotten some dates online, but few of them turned into a second date. Everything is explained to you very clearly before the event begins.

Feeling rebellious, I wrote him, “How do you define meshugener ?

” He replied, “You’re Jewish, you should know, and you are too old.” I’m 57.

If you can't at least generate some interest in four minutes, then it's probably not meant to be. Just accept it as fate, and move on to the next girl. You can waste weeks sending messages to a girl online before you actually meet in person, only to find out (sometimes immediately) that there is no attraction. The tables have large numbers on them so you always know where to go next.

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