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), 2 marriage proposals, numerous first dates, a few bachelorette parties, Teachers Getaway Nights, Girls Night Outs, squadron parties. The wheels are spinning towards our May 4th ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and we couldn't be more pleased.We love this city and love seeing YOU come through our doors! | Read More From private company parties to specialty paintings, so far December is rockin'!

Our instructors help you to see what art is in your mind and help you put it to canvas.

Even though we are teaching one painting the end product is many different paintings. Initially opened for Kristen Snowden Darling and her 5 friends, the VIP class was opened to the public and 29 other people liked the painting Kristen picked out so we had a full class for "Sunset Splendor"!

Once you have gathered your recyclables, you can take them to our Single Stream Recycling drop-off location at the Fort Walton Beach Tennis Center: Tennis Center Hours of Operation AM – PM 41 West Audrey Drive NW Recycling is a fundamentally important concept that often dominates the conversation about how we can help the environment.

Two other concepts “Reduce” and “Reuse” actually provide a much higher return for the environment for the effort expended.

Our professional instructors are teaching you a painting, but their words and instructions are interpreted differently by each person in the class.