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Here’s how to adjust the default settings to make things easy on yourself.Open up Hot Recorder and, under the Options menu, select Mono as the recording type.Plantronics comes highly recommended; this one produces nice clear sound at a shade under twenty dollars.

I had to boost the mic volume and change the input setting on the Audacity control panel from “Rear Mic” to “Microphone” the first time I used it. When you’re finished recording, go to the File menu and select “Export as mp3”.

Once your settings are set, hit the red record button and speak. You’ll be asked to name the recording and then to point Audacity towards the lame_file which you dragged onto your hard drive earlier.

Once it does, use Skype to place a call by clicking on the Dial tab, then entering followed by the number. HR will then ask you to name the conversation and save it. Click “mp3” or, if you prefer, “wav” and convert away. Most states say it’s okay to tape if only one party (i.e., the person taping) consents. What’s more, most of these statutes appear to apply only to the actual recording process itself; they say nothing about broadcasting the recorded conversation.

Therefore, if you’re going to interview someone, we’d recommend getting their express permission not only to record the call but to make it public on your website and/or on Hot Air, if you think we might be interested in hosting it.

Voila – you’ve successfully integrated the two, thereby creating a single piece of talk-radio-ish audio. you could turn on your Macintosh and fire up Garage Band 3 which has a podcasting feature.

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