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The book argues that the welfare state is a stillborn construction, as it systematically puts people in benefit dependency.

It states that the people of Sweden can be divided into "fools" and "sleepy-brains", out of which the former stands for those who work, and the latter for the slackened people who depend on funds from the welfare state.

In 1995 Reinfeldt co-authored the book "Nostalgitrippen" (The Nostalgic Trip), which described several persons in the Moderate Party leadership, including Gunnar Hökmark and Bo Lundgren, as "Carl Bildt-lookalikes." Bildt was described as being the perfect leader for the opposition to satirize; a nobleman living in the affluent Östermalm with a boyish expression and a better-than-you attitude.

As for the other high party officials, the book stated that "If everyone appears similar to Carl it confirms peoples misconceptions about the Moderate Party.

His mother Birgitta was a leadership and management consultant, and some of her professional skills might have inspired and impressed the young Fredrik.) in his school, and became a fan of the football club Djurgårdens IF, a passion he maintains to this day.

He started playing basketball for the "Tensta Tigers" while living in Bromsten (which is located adjacent to Tensta), and continued to play for them after his family moved to Täby.

His premiership was characterised by "Arbetslinjen" (English: Working line), a focus on getting more people into the workforce, and by management of the late-2000s financial crisis and recession which resulted in one of the world's strongest public finances and top rankings in climate and health care.

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