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I recently posted a set of Bar Refaeli photos I wasn’t completely enamoured with and I began to worry that my love affair with Bar was over. While these photos aren’t my favorite Bar Refaeli lingerie shots, I’d have to say they’re pretty close to the top of the list. I of course love her body and that pretty face but I also love the poses she’s striking here. She just looks like she’s doing what she does best, which is of course looking smoking hot in her undies. She’s one of my absolute favorite models and these photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t know this, but I have no idea if that tattoo on Rihanna’s chest is real or fake. I think it looks great although I hardly think anyone needed any more reason to look at Rihanna’s chest. These photos from Midtown Manhattan, NYC fall into the latter category and I can’t really figure out why.

Like I said, they’re not quite my favorite but they’re pretty damn close. I know there are some out there who disagree but I think Rihanna is gorgeous – chest tattoo or no chest tattoo. I like her outfit (assuming that’s fake fur) and I think she looks pretty but I’m still bored and a little sleepy.

I think the movie looks terrible but I’ll watch anyway because I like Katy. I look forward to seeing her first movie even if I’m not expecting a whole lot.

I’m also not going to deny being a little convinced these two kids are going to eventually wind up back together. Kristen has all those ingredients but once they’re all mixed together, baked in the oven and slathered with a generous coat of frosting, something still feels like it’s missing.

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Fake butts are not a new thing, thanks to the rise of the Kardashian’s fame in the mid- to late 2000s.

However, you might be surprised by how many celebrities actually have fake butts.

Apparently one way to get ahead in the reality TV game is to enhance your booty. Thanks to the Kardashians, Amber Rose, and Tyga, Blac Chyna has found new fame lately.