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On the other hand, there are sincere people who are able to describe what they have to offer emotionally and what a relationship with them would look and feel like.

“They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, but there is an art to reading between the lines,” says Julie Spira, author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating” (Morgan James Publishing, .95).

“They can help you put out the real you, and call you out when you are writing something that’s not true.” DO: Describe how you behave during a relationship: • “I am not the type to smother or restrict.” • “You cannot be the only person in a relationship with a voice/opinion.” • “I’m a very open person.

If something is troubling me, I will share it with you.” Make profiles stand out with atypical descriptives that inform.

For example, write: “I’m the proud mother of three kids,” instead of “I’m a single mother recently divorced.” Other mistakes include men who mislead with fantasies of a white picket fence, Volvo and good salary, while women try to avoid appearing needy by saying they are carefree and adventurous when they really want to settle down, Casey says.

“Don’t put what you think someone wants to hear,” says Casey, who also is author of “The Man Plan,” (Perigee, $19.95).

Dating experts say dissecting profiles and analyzing commonly used phrases can pinpoint players and cull the keepers, increasing the chances of becoming one of the estimated one in five couples that meet online.