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You should learn over time if the person you're with has what you need to be happy.

Even if you're still unclear on this after going out on five or six dates with this person, that's okay. The longer you're with someone, the more you know about them.

I figured out that by following a few simple rules, I could get to know a guy before giving my heart away. Arrange to have a friend call your cell phone half an hour after the date begins to check on you and give you the "emergency call out" if things are already uncomfortable. So, assuming that you're attracted to your date, you still need to remain objective enough to get to know who this person is beyond how physically appearance.

So if you're looking for a few tried-and-true dating tips that actually work, I sincerely recommend you give these tips some thought.1. On your first date (especially if you've never met them before), meet somewhere neutral and in public. Sometimes, the first impression tells you all you need to determine if there is a connection. Dating is meant to be fun and entertaining, but odds are, you're also looking for a commitment.

These guidelines will help you find your true match. You want to go into the date from the viewpoint of analyzing the situation with a critical eye.