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Before the system plays a message, it plays the time and date the message was received and the caller's recorded name (if a Verizon Voice Mail subscriber) or phone number (if not a subscriber).

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Sure, it might, but I have to laugh because women have good radars and more often than not it will come across as a ploy and most times when women sense a guy trying to pull off a ploy they associate it as unattractive behavior.

I hope this answered some of your questions of what you should leave as a voicemail for a girl.

ran an article by Nick Bilton laying out ground rules for digital etiquette in the world of unlimited texting, smartphones, and Twitter.

He argued that leaving a voicemail was "impolite" because it wastes the receiver's time it takes to retrieve information that could be conveyed via text.

If you recognize any of this as being the type of messages you used to leave, feel free to cringe: “Hi Bertha, it’s Bartholomew. But here at The Art of the Pickup industries, we don’t leave such things to chance! I’m not saying you’ll for sure get that 9 out of 10.