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Large criminal organizations have been operating in the Toronto region since at least the mid-19th century, beginning with the homegrown, yet short-lived Markham Gang.Since that time, large-scale organized crime in Toronto has mostly been the domain of international or foreign-based crime syndicates.

It's not yet clear what was happening between Fric-Shamji and her husband, Dr.

Mohammed Shamji, and the first-degree murder charge against him has not been proven in court.

The composition of the gangs were mainly poor Caucasian youth of British descent, although some were more ethnically diverse such as the George Gang (Jewish), the Mix Gang (Black), and the Aggies (Polish & Ukrainian).

Rates of youth gang activity in Toronto can be challenging to measure due to conflicting definitions of gangs, the smaller size of youth gangs, and their looser organization.

"If there's a history of violence in the marriage or union, we in the field know that the most dangerous time of a woman's life is when she tries to leave — when she makes the break," she said.