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Dating Icons Set contains 10 high quality icons as PNG, ICO and ICNS formats.

This icons set includes: Broken heart, Broken heart, Female, Flying heart, Gift boxes, Kiss, Love, Male, Message, Present, Sex Icons.

Another criticism of image veneration appears in the non-canonical 2nd-century Acts of John (generally considered a gnostic work), in which the Apostle John discovers that one of his followers has had a portrait made of him, and is venerating it: (27) "..[John] went into the bedchamber, and saw the portrait of an old man crowned with garlands, and lamps and altars set before it.

And he called him and said: Lycomedes, what do you mean by this matter of the portrait? For I see that you are still living in heathen fashion." Later in the passage John says, "But this that you have now done is childish and imperfect: you have drawn a dead likeness of the dead." At least some of the hierarchy of the Christian churches still strictly opposed icons in the early 4th century. 305) bishops concluded, "Pictures are not to be placed in churches, so that they do not become objects of worship and adoration". Elsewhere in his Church History, Eusebius reports seeing what he took to be portraits of Jesus, Peter and Paul, and also mentions a bronze statue at Banias / Paneas under Mount Hermon, of which he wrote, "They say that this statue is an image of Jesus" (H. ); further, he relates that locals regarded the image as a memorial of the healing of the woman with an issue of blood by Jesus (Luke -48), because it depicted a standing man wearing a double cloak and with arm outstretched, and a woman kneeling before him with arms reaching out as if in supplication.

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