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And you certainly do not want to piss off a redhead who allegedly likes to get wasted and do generally crazy s**t. Let’s take a look at count three of the complaint….

You know, just things like showing off her breast implants to anyone who will look and banging men in her office. Attorney Misconduct, Boobies, Boobs, Breast Implants, Breasts, Chicago, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Drinking, Guns, Guns / Firearms, Illinois, Implants, Legal Ethics, Nudity, public nudity, Rod Blagojevich, Stephen Komie, Tamara A. Tanzillo, Tamara Ann Hoffman, Tamara Ann Tanzillo, Tamara Hoffman, Tamara Tanzillo, Violence Law firms blow a lot of rhetorical hot air affirming their commitment to achieving gender diversity in the workplace.

Tanzillo, a graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, was reportedly acting like a rambunctious sorority girl at work, which led to her dismissal, and ultimately an ethics complaint filed against her by the state of Illinois. She’s blaming all of it on Rod Blagojevich (who, by the way, just got sentenced to 14 years). The Legal Profession Blog wrote about Tanzillo’s exploits, and then the juicy story was quickly picked up by the Chicago Tribune: A Chicago attorney and former chief of staff at a state health care agency, who allegedly exposed her breasts to co-workers, came to work drunk and kept nude photos of herself on state computers, is facing sanctions from Illinois’ attorney disciplinary body. Before we get to the allegations made in the ethics complaint, let’s take a look at Tanzillo, who was described to us by a tipster as “hot for a 52-year old.” Lo and behold, our tipster was correct.

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