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During an interview, the 38-year-old South Korean actor talked about openly dating Ye Ryun. We heard the shutter sound going off, but the camera wasn't pointed at GOT7.

He recalled an incident on how images of the couple going on a trip together was covered by media. We wanted to ask them why they were taking photos of us, but it felt weird to tell them to stop. Since it was a morning plane and there were no headlines in the afternoon, we thought we overthought things, but then it became an issue by evening." "The good side of publicly dating is that we can date normally.

She specifically said she would not date a person who would not take her to a nice dinner place or a movie. Well for me, it is a getting to know phase may it be between friends or future lovers. It implies that she wouldn't even bother knowing you as a person if you can't do such things for her. The problem is Cha Ocampo has all the right thoughts but it is written in wrong words.

Many people misunderstood her and started calling her names like "gold digger".

Stop telling me that I'm a gold digger because I am self-made and I earn my own money.