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Have you been searching for more intimacy in your relationships but are at a loss as to how to create it?Well, tune in and listen as host Alissa Kriteman of ABCs "How to Get the Guy" and author of "Alissas Four Cornerstones for Living Your Dreams" explores these topics with todays top love, sex and relationship experts!

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In the last segment we get the benefit of hearing a few words from Rachels beautiful daughter Mae about life with her mom.

A poignant and important interview to share with women, I hope all women everywhere will be inspired rise above social norms, societal judgment and reflexive prejudice to make choices they deem important as modern, dynamic women.

I don’t advise it because being family it could turn out bad or cause resentment and you don’t want to ruin your current relationship, do you?

Flirting is perfectly fine, and fun, for that matter.

From ancient Buddhist teachings to modern day sexilogical bodyworkers, listeners can boldly adventure into the myriad of alternatives and choices now available to women.