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Eventually it may also sell sponsorship opportunities, Thompson said.

Comcast "is looking for unique forms of content that satellite can't match," said Michael Goodman, a senior analyst at the Yankee Group, a technology market research firm in Boston. People who post their videos on Comcast's service can post more detailed text and photo profiles on the Website; the videos direct the TV viewers to those profiles on the Web.

On a completely unrelated topic other than to the question of whether dating on demand is prostitution.... Cannabis grows faster than corn and gives out more energy than ethanol. Sex is a commodity - it can be bought, sold, and traded.

While Bush is giving away all that money to figure out how to use hydrogen and how to get it, we could be driving in cars powered by cannabis. California has taught me one important thing since I've moved here.

This just makes it so they can win some awards from Americas Funniest Home Video. Prostitution, by definition, is taking money for sex. Hmmmm, since it can be traded, maybe I should investigate to see where I can get some Stock Options.... Comcast is is one big load of shit with it's worthless and desirable content.