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Featuring Realistic Fairy Paintings and Pictures of Celtic, Shakespearean, and Victorian Fairies - Fairy Art created in a style inspired by Classic Illustrators by Contemporary American Artist and Photographer Howard David Johnson Fairy Paintings: The Golden Age of Fairy Painting began in the wake of publications such as the fairy tales edited by the Brothers Grimm, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders by Sir Walter Scott and revivals of the plays of William Shakespeare.

The illustrations of Grimm's Fairy tales and Keightley's Fairy Mythology set the world's imagination on fire with Cruikshank's ants-eye views of frenzied fairy revelry.

This art medium, these relatively new soft oil based colored pencils are not the first Dry Painting Medium: the term 'Pastel Paintings' originated in the 17th century.

For more on the artist and other media employed, such as Acrylic and oil painting, pastels, photography and digital media, or essays on art history, style and technique, scroll past the main exhibit of fairy paintings to the bonus section...

Shakespeare's fairies are some of my favorites for creating fairy paintings.

Above left is the dream from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Above right we see the quarrel between Queen Titania and The Terrifying King Oberon.

Fortunately "Fairies" by Contemporary Fairy painting masters Brian Froud and Alan Lee is back in print and an absolutely delightful edition for any collector or enthusiast.