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The point of the Cell Validating event is for you to test the contents of the cell and determine whether it satisfies one or more conditions and reject it if it doesn't.

Error Message) End Sub Um, the Cell Validating event is not for formatting; it's for validating.

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If you want to do something other than that then you do it elsewhere and if you're not doing that then you don't handle Cell Validating at all.

That is all you do in the Cell Validating event handler.

When you programmatically resize columns that have Inherited Auto Size Mode property values of Fill, however, the calculated content-based widths are used to proportionally adjust the column Fill Weight property values, and the actually column widths are then calculated according to these new proportions so that all columns fill the available display area of the control.

Checked Then If Not bln0Load Performed Then bln0Load Performed = True Nullify System(DM, cmb Output Unit.

I have a Data Grid View in which I enter a numeric value in a cell. Formatting implies that the underlying value is unchanged but how you display it might.